Adventure Is Out There

More from yesterday!!!

went to a place called “WORLDS END” today for a 9 part geo series, it was a great 5 mile trek or so. awesome views, awesome hides.

Did some more caching south of boston harbor, we could see the city from afar it was great. Found and old abandoned military fort, as well as some nice views.

I’m about to hide my own series of caches! my new containers i’ve been working on!

So we did some winter caching the other day, found some cool rock caves, a pretty awesome homemade container, and a SEA TURTLE! he was dead but he was still a cool thing to see here on capecod!

Visited an Old WWII fort and bunker called Fort Tabor  grabbed some geocaches while we were there.  One was hidden on a tank!  This place is said to be manned and gaured by paranormal US military that passed away in WWII. Walking the hall ways and pitchblack stairwells was very creepy.

GooseBerry Island. Old fire towers and beach trails galore. And did I mention it’s an island?

Trying to hunt down a micro cache here. Absolutely an amazing place

Coolest bridge on capecod. Hands down.

Day two. Gopro madness. And tourists. But boost_mcradley got a new Honda fit and wanted to keep driving!

We hit up the welfleet Orleans eastham area twice last week. This was the first run. Had a blast. Took a stop to skate a bit.

Some scenery and finds from the other day. Spelunking anyone?

We made a fun trip down cape today. Did some caching near the beaches of welfleet. Also made a quick skate stop to ride a pool.

Had a nice trip the other day. Out on the marsh in Yarmouth port. Also visited this huge wimping willow tree. Biggest tree on cape I swear. Collected a few coins and trackable items too